Ultimate Empowerment Pack

A personalized and powerful coaching container where your physical sensation, emotions and your desires will allow the reclamation of all parts of your intimacy and your sexuality.

This empowerment package allows your unique empowerment to spread through all aspects of your life.

You feel an awakening to the sacred feminine, a desire to free your voice and gain confidence in your sexuality ?

Your intimate life is shifting, and you want to be held in this transformation.

You are ready and committed to embody the whole and conscious woman you are.

The little voice in your head often says:

  • I don’t know how to manage my emotions.
  • I am stuck in my personal and professional life and I want to move forward.
  • My womb is calling for more.
  • I want a sexuality beyond penetration.
  • I can’t find an aligned partner.
  • I want to integrate my spirituality into my sexuality.

Visualize yourself having found freedom in consciousness through intimacy and sacred sexuality. Visualize your incarnation as a Woman, the cyclical aspect of your being and your pleasure in all aspects of your life…

Imagine what is possible…

  • You are calm and confident with yourself, your emotions and your fears.
  • Your communication with your loved ones is healthy and balanced – You radiate. 
  • Your life is fluid and your feminine and masculine energies are balanced. 
  • Your pleasure and your sexuality are integrated in the bedroom and in your life!  
  • You feel completely embodied and anchored in your female body.
  • You have healed deep wounds and you are moving forward!

Together, we will let all the inner parts of you emerge, give them their place, and allow you to embody an intimacy that is in complete alignment with your being.
With power, respect and integrity, you control your creative energies and your own pleasure.

This online support was created to be 100% tailored to your deepest needs and desires:

10 individual coaching sessions

+ 1 celebration/closing session

To release the unconscious blocks that prevent you from moving towards what you really want.

Personalized intimate practices

from you to you between our sessions

You take responsibility for your pleasure and fulfillment!

I will be available

between our sessions

If you have questions, needs and if you want to share the elements that emerge before our next meeting.

The Space being held

  • Individual sessions last between 1h and 1h10 and spread over 3 to 4 months.
    Each session includes a sharing, various exercises and an embodiment practice.
    It is important that you are in a private place where you can express yourself freely and as a radical act of self- love.
    24h before each session, you will receive an email with the details of the session and the Zoom link.
    Important: When this email is received, our session is confirmed and cannot be canceled or changed. 
  • The Celebration session lasts 40 minutes and usually happens 3 weeks after the last session.
  • Between each session, you will do additional practices to allow the deep integration of the empowerment you are experiencing.

Themes we will cover

They will be personalized with what resonates with you and your desires: 

A physical, energetic & spiritual container that will allow you to:

Beyond an acceptance and a growing confidence in your incarnation as a woman, you will allow your pleasure, intimacy and your sacred sexuality to shine.

Your investment


for full support over 4 months

(or 4 x £170 )

Following your purchase, we can plan together the dates of our meetings. 

Who am I ?

I’m Barbara, Female Empowerment Coach.

I see a world where women are educated in their sexuality. They know what they want and dare to align their life with their desires, pleasure and incarnation as women. This is why I support women to release blockages at the root of the unconscious in order to allow freedom, self-love and radiance!

I loved having Barbara as a Coach. Our sessions brought out different perspectives on various themes of my woman's. It's easy to trust Barbara and to share because she has an incredible talent for creating an atmosphere of love which increases my confidence. There was no pressure or expectation during our sessions, which allowed me to share about sensitive subjects. She let me be in touch with myself, my body, my color visualizations and the practices that activated my inner wisdom. I highly recommend her as a female empowerment coach.
I didn't realize how much I needed to listen to my inner wisdom. What my body and my being were telling me instead of my thoughts. Barbara's coaching has helped me reconnect with this and I recommend reaching out to her if you need and want to find something different than anything you've experienced before.
Barbara is a little hand that pushes me with kindness on the path to well-being and empowerment. She supports me in the discovery of myself, in my relationship with anxiety, and guides me towards peace and harmony. Over the sessions, I felt more radiant, inside and out. By coming with an open mind and letting yourself be with confidence, you offer yourself a special moment with yourself, a new way of taking care of yourself.
The sessions with Barbara are filled with kindness, gentleness and positivity. They allowed me to identify fears, to accept them, to observe my emotions but also to recognize this strength in me. I particularly liked this reconnection to oneself, to one's body. After each session, beyond the well-being I felt remotivated, empowered. Thank you Barbara for this precious time!

This Ultimate Empowerment pack is powerful and transformational in all aspects of your life. Empowerment is unlimited, lasting and will open you up to your own unique radiance and sacred feminine power.


or 4 x £170

This Ultimate Empowerment pack is powerful and transformational in all aspects of your life. Empowerment is unlimited, lasting and will open you up to your own unique radiance and sacred feminine power.


or 4 x £170