Sacred Sexuality Pack

This journey is a reclamation of all parts of your sacred sexuality through a powerful and transformative embodiment coaching. For a reconnection to your sexuality, orgasms, pleasure and acceptance of your body.

Do you want to free all spheres of your sexuality and enjoy life and your sexual energy at its fullest?

Are you ready to open and explore the physical, energetic and spiritual aspect of your sacred intimacy?

The Sacred Sexuality coaching pack is a self – reclamation to live an orgasmic life!

The little voice in your head often says:

  • My orgasms and sexual turn on are limited.
  • I have lost or never had control over my pelvic floor and connection to my womb. 
  • I want an alive & epic sexuality that makes me vibrate but don’t know how yet!
  • I don’t know how to communicate what I want, desire and like with my partner(s).
  • I am ready to revolutionize the love I have for my body and my Yoni (vagina + vulva).
  • I want to explore Yoni egg and Crystal dildos practices.

The liberation of consciousness through intimacy and sacred sexuality is your reclamation to live an orgasmic life.

  • You heal old wounds and make a way for a new and embodied sexuality!
  • You self-massage your yoni and give yourself full pleasure permission !
  • You love your body, care for it and you are compassionate with yourself.
  • You explore freely with Jade egg and/ or Crystal dildos. 
  • Misunderstandings about orgasms and self pleasure are over!
  • Your pleasure and sexual energy heal and guide you.

Connecting to all parts of you as a free sexual being will allow the growth your own sexual ecology. You will therefore have all the keys to your ultimate alignment in pleasure and sacred sexuality.

This online support was created to be 100% tailored to your deepest needs and desires:

10 individual coaching sessions

+ 1 celebration/closing session

To release the unconscious blocks that prevent you from moving towards what you really want.

Personalized intimate practices

from you to you between our sessions

You take responsibility for your pleasure and your sexuality!

I will be available

between our sessions

For any questions, needs and if you want to share what emerges before our next meeting.

The Sacred Sexuality Pack:

  • Individual sessions last between 1h and 1h10 and spread over 3 to 4 months. The celebration session lasts 40 minutes (and usually takes place 3 weeks after the last session).
  • During each session, we take time for discussions / inquiry / meditation and then we move on to an embodiment practice that will allow you to discover new parts of your sexuality and integrate them. 
  • You can choose turn off your camera and take off your clothes during our practices. You can also do each practice fully clothed. However, it is important that you are in a private space where you can express yourself freely and feel safe. 
  • One day before each session, you will receive an email with the topic of our next session, the Zoom link and the necessary details. Important: When this email is received, our session is confirmed and cannot be canceled or changed.

Session Themes

They we will choose together and be personalized with what resonates the most for you.

This revolutionary container will allow you to:

Beyond a deepened confidence in your sexuality, you will experience a deep connection with your Yoni. And allow your pleasure and orgasms to shine and expand !

Your investment


(or 4 x £190)

for complete support over 3- 4 months

Following your purchase, we can plan together the ideal dates for our meetings.

Who am I ?

Barbara, Sacred Sexuality Coach.

I see a world where women can enjoy life in all these aspects. They know their needs, wants, and feel safe in communicating them.

I support women to release blockages at the root of the unconscious in order to allow freedom, self-love and radiance!

My individual sessions with Barbara have been very healing, empowering and inspiring. From the first date until the last, I felt safe, supported and deeply supported by the way Barbara guided me. She took me through a transformative journey that included the uprooting and reintegration of old limiting beliefs into powerful life affirmations. She is a gem, her attention and love make you feel seen and recognized. She is intuitive and skilled. You are in good hands and I recommend his sessions wholeheartedly.
Working with Barbara allowed me direct access to what my subconscious was trying to show me but whose access point I had not yet managed to find. This possibility opened with love, encouragement and an energy that allowed me to know that I can, and that I want to explore the practices and themes that we have explored together. I highly recommend Barbara's embodied and connected sessions to anyone who wants to open up to knowledge and understanding accessible within themselves.

The Sacred Sexuality Pack is powerful and transformational on all pleasurable aspects of your life.

The embodiment of your orgasmic nature is unlimited and will open you up to your well-being, radiance and the power of your sacred feminine.


or 4 x £190

The Ultimate Pleasure Pack is powerful and transformational on all pleasurable aspects of your life.

The embodiment of your orgasmic nature is unlimited and will open you up to your well-being, radiance and the power of your sacred feminine.


or 4 x £190