Would you like to be part of a joyful and free world anchored in the truth of being?
The liberation of consciousness through intimacy is what I share and wish for all women!


I observe a world where women are disconnected from their true nature. A world where emotional shame, guilt and fear of our own deep desires is not even recognized and becomes the norm. A world where the mind and conditioning prevails over the cyclical, emotional and wild nature of women.

My solution

A Sex, Love & Intimacy Coaching approach which allows:

Who am I ?

I am Barbara Cottavoz, Female Empowerment and Sacred Sexuality Coach. I am an authentic, engaged and “a bit out there” woman whose mission is to raise awareness and connect women to their pure essence.

I support women to awaken and develop a conscious sexuality. Through a compassionate and powerful coaching approach, we release blockages at the roots of the unconscious in order to allow liberation, empowerment and radiance!

I started my journey of empowerment & truth in 2011 with Yoga and taught more than 650 Yoga classes and group trainings in the UK and around the world (Ghana, Thailand, Australia, France). After leaving my home country, France, 11 years ago, I chose to embrace a nomadic lifestyle and have been immersed into the non dual pointings of the sages, sharings my passion for Yoga, Ayurveda & Tantra around the world.

My coaching expertise started in 2016 with Group transformation programs; and I then specialized in female sexuality and Tantra with the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality of Layla Martin.

I am also  a Harmonium musician and have a passion for the embodiment of sounds and vibrations as a key to lift each other up !


My Values

Abundance & Selfless service: Compassion is love in action. 

WATER element

Presence: the connection to consciousness that manifests through Female Empowerment.

AIR element

Leadership:  the ability to create and hold safe and powerful spaces for transformation.

SPACE element

Radiance: the fulfillment and opening of women to their natural, pure and initial state.

FIRE element

Authenticity: It is with humility, naturalness and authenticity that we choose to look inside ourselves, to face our fears, and allow ourselves to grow.

EARTH element


My Missions

Giving a voice to the tools of conscious sexuality – Through videos, tutorials, podcasts, events etc.

Fulfillment / Intimate and sexual empowerment – To go deep ! Powerful transformation guaranteed !

Develop a community of committed women. Sharing, connecting in unconditional love.

Develop spaces for individual and group transformation – Rituals and regular gatherings to develop a home practice and connect to our sexuality in a group.


My Vision of tomorrow

I see a world where all women are educated in conscious and sacred sexuality.


My Expertise

YOGA – Program Facilitator & Advanced Teacher

Power Vinyasa Yoga – Institut Baptiste & Studio Lumi


Chakra Yoga – Anodea Judith


Yin Yoga – Cal Wansbrough


Meditation – Vipassana


Personal Development (breaking free from limiting beliefs) – Landmark


Certified COACH – Sexuality, Love & Relationships

Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality – Layla Martin


AYURVEDA & REIKI practitioner

Ayurveda – Dr Arun Sharma


Ayurvedic Massage – Ayurveda Yoga Massage Institute


Reiki – Torsten Lange


Non-dualistic philosophy

Advaita Vedanta Philosophy – Satsang with Mooji


Does all of this resonate with you?

If you want to know more, I invite you to introduce yourself via email !