Love & Intimacy Coaching

I support women to release blockages at the root of the unconscious to allow freedom, self-love and radiance!

Are you a woman who wants to awaken to your intimacy, your cyclical nature and your sexuality?

You know and feel that there is much more through your sacred intimacy and you are ready to meet your whole self?
You are in the right place!

Here are the tailored and unique possibilities I offer.
You can adapt the various offers or create a tailor-made container, according to your needs & desires.


Empowerment Coaching

3 to 4 months

Individual & Online


Sacred Sexuality Coaching

3 to 4 months

Individual & Online


Events & Retreats

Online and physical

Mid 2022 : Launch of the practices and rituals shop

My key support tools

Individual Coaching

A powerful time of introspection and transformation.

Events and Retreats

To transform and evolve in alignment with your

Who am I ?

I am Barbara Cottavoz, Love & Intimacy Coach.

I see a world where the embodiment of the feminine is the expression of her wild nature: a world where she lives a connected, awake and free  life in her body, thoughts and whole being.

She knows what she wants and dares to align her life with her desires , enjoyment and incarnation as a woman.

My missions :

  • Freedom and awakening of consciouness through love & intimacy!
  • Educate about intimacy, sexuality and self-connection.
  • Self love of oneself with oneself, then with the other.
  • Support the transformation of women towards empowerment, joy and radiance.

What they say about me:

Barbara is a gem, her attention and love make you feel seen and recognized. She is intuitive and skilled. You are in good hands and I recommend her sessions wholeheartedly.
Barbara is a little hand that pushes me with kindness on the path to well-being and empowerment. She supports me in the discovery of myself, my relationship with anxiety and she guides me towards peace and relaxation. Over the sessions, I feel more radiant, inside and out.
I loved having Barbara as a Coach. Our sessions brought out different perspectives on the themes of my life as a woman. It's easy to trust her and to share because she has an incredible talent for creating an atmosphere of love that increases self-confidence.

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